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Lloyd Sealy Library
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Special Collections - Lloyd Sealy Library: Trial Transcripts Digitized in House 2012-present

This is a guide to the Manuscript Collections, Rare Books and John Jay College Archives in the Special Collections at the Lloyd Sealy Library of John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Trial 3084

TRIAL #3084
Date: 1922/01/11; Reels(s): 369.
Defendant(s): William Grubb, Sex: M;
Charge(s): Murder (1st degree);
Judge: Otto A. Rosalsky;
Defense Attorney(s): George F. Palmer; Peter P. Smith; Joseph A. Walsh;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): McDonald;
Stenographer Number: 3651; Page(s): 2 v.

Court: Court of General Sessions

For access to this digital transcript, please email ebelcher [at]

Trial 1923

TRIAL #1923
Date: 1914/7/28; Reels(s): 243.
Defendant(s): Philip E. Saitta, Sex: M;
Judge: Edward Swann;
Defense Attorney(s): Frank Moss;
Prosecuting Attorney(s): Heywood;
Note(s): Proving false testimony against Saitta.
Stenographer Number: 2601; Page(s): 10 p.

Court: Court of General Sessions